Will Miami Dolphins Ndamukong Suh be suspended for kicking Morris?

The Miami Dolphins won today in Washington but they may be without their number one off-season acquisition Ndamukong Suh. While we don’t know for certain if Suh will in fact be fined or suspended or nothing at all, we do know that the league on Monday will review an incident involving Suh and Redskins running back Alfred Morris.

The alleged infraction occurred when Suh chased down Morris from behind and tackled him. The video replay shows Suh stepping over Morris and Morris then losing his helmet while laying on the ground. Suh doesn’t turn around or acknowledge that Morris was there.

Suh has been labeled one of the dirtiest players in the NFL and in last seasons week 17 finale was suspended for stepping on Aaron Rodgers’ arm. Suh would later appeal and win and not be suspended for the Wild Card round.

The only angle available now for viewing does not show and definitive intention by Suh. In slow motion it doesn’t look as though he did anything more than try and step over him but in real speed it looks more like he did. The Dolphins knew that Suh had a rough history when they signed him.

For now it’s a waiting game until the NFL looks at other available tape and then makes a determination. We could find out as early as tomorrow.