What Miami Dolphins fans can do in London

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The London Eye

One of the most iconic figures in the world the London Eye has been a featured attraction in London. The 30 minute’s it takes to make one turn allows for a sweeping vista of London. Each glass walled capsule holds up to 25 people and travels a mere .06 miles per hour.

The wheel has been a staple of motion pictures filmed in the London area and has been seen on the Amazing Race as well.

Grab a pint!

If you are going to go to the U.K. you have to stop at one of the local pubs. And there are hundreds of them. Renowned for it’s dark beers and raucous atmospheres, English pubs are a mecca for beer drinkers everywhere, like Octoberfest in Germany.

While pubs are plentiful don’t think you can simply cruise to one after a long day and late evening of seeing the town. London pubs tend to close earlier than in the states but the good news is they open far earlier as well. If the late night is your bag of chips then try the Smithfield neighborhood where the local pubs are open until 11:30 during the week. No worries though if you don’t have the time until the weekend. The pubs never close on Friday and Saturday night and you may need that extra ale for the game on Sunday.