What Miami Dolphins fans can do in London

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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the long standing medieval churches to dot the British landscape and one of the oldest. All told 40 coronations have been held at the cathedral and 16 royal weddings. Tours are available or you can visit the Abbey at your own pace taking in it’s rich history where Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, and Geoffrey Chaucer are all entombed. Visit Poet’s corner within it’s walls as well. Looking for a little more royal fare? Visit the shared tomb of Queen Elizabeth I and her half-sister and enemy Mary Tudor.

Abbey Road

For me, this would be my first stop. It’s not one of the first things you think of when traveling to London but if you are a fan of The Beatles, you will want to see it, and walk the famed crosswalk. Abbey Road is home to the Abbey Road music studios made famous by the Fab Four. Don’t be fooled into thinking that every shot of the street will be desolate of traffic, sorry to say, there is plenty of it. For those of you who are indeed fans of The Beatles, check out the myriad of tours that take you through The Beatles London history.