What Miami Dolphins fans can do in London

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Piccadilly Circus

Despite a common misconception in the United States, Piccadilly Circus is anything but a circus. Unless of course you are referring to the sometimes maddening crowds. Piccadilly Circus is the U.K.’s version of New York’s Times Square. In the U.K. “circus” means circle. Located among several shopping districts, Piccadilly Circus is something you need to experience especially if you haven’t had the chance to visit Times Square.

Large digital HD boards adorn the circle and traffic can be a nightmare but you are not going there to drive around. Take one of the double decker busses or hale a cab and then get out and walk around. Grab yourself some English tea or coffee and relax in an atmosphere that is tranquil despite the traffic surrounding it.


You will need time to take in one of the Seven Wonders of the World. And a train. Two hours to the west of London, Stonehenge is one of the most visited landmarks in the British empire. Four hours from London will bring you to Liverpool, birthplace of The Beatles but it’s Stonehenge that will be a once in a lifetime event. Still shrouded in mystery and a constant landmark for scientific theory, the rock formations have not only stood the test of time but to this day continue to baffle visitors with their origin.

Along your trip you can also visit Queen Elizabeth II’s main living home in Windsor Castle as well as Stratford Upon Avon where William Shakespeare was born. If you have even more time, you can cross the borders into France and Belgium by ferry across the English Channel.

There is simply so much to do in the London area that you can not imagine doing them all. You could be Clark W. Griswold and run through everything in a day but take the time to enjoy what you may never see again. For more things to do in and around London this week, check out this link which has 100’s of things to see and do.