Dolphins first quarter grades are not good

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Running backs – C

This grade is an average of the running backs themselves who should get a B and the play calling which should get a D or an F. The Dolphins have abandoned the running game in each of their four games very early. As in the first half. They then try to reestablish the rushing attack late but by then it’s too late and they are only taking what is given to them by defenses in protect mode.

Lamar Miller, Damien Williams, and Jonas Gray have looked awful at times and at other times like they are ready to break out. Most of this yo-yo approach is based again on the play calling. Rhythm is imperative and so is blocking and the Dolphins have established neither. Running lanes are non-existent mainly because the Dolphins are not allowing the lineman to be more balanced in their blocking. It’s almost as if they want the lineman to learn how to pass block before they can run block.

Overall, the running game has been inconsistent, non-existent at times, and severely lacking. It’s up to the coaches to change their approach and actually put the runners in a position to succeed. None of that is happening quite yet.

Wide-receivers – B

Rishard Matthews is breaking out of his shell. Jarvis Landry is not just “juice” he is the whole damn tree that bears the fruit. Landry has been explosive and deserves and A+ and Matthews deserves an A as well. Greg Jennings has been on the field far too much and it’s time that De’Vante Parker takes over Jenning’s role. Jennings has run poor routes and dropped passes that would advance the sticks. Yet the Dolphins have stuck with him.

Kenny Stills is starting to see more field time but he is a deep ball threat and Tannehill can’t throw that pass. Miami needs to reel in the deep ball from 40 plus yards and go for the far more successful 20 and 30 yard routes and then allow Stills to use his quickness and speed to get downfield and gain yards after the catch.

Like the quarterback, the receivers get knocked because of poor line play. They more often than not can’t run their full routes because Tannehill is dumping the ball early. Yet too many drops are starting to plague the team and it’s something that will either drive this grade down or raise it up.

Tight-ends – B+

Jordan Cameron has not been the go to guy that many thought he would be. He has been banged up a bit but the Dolphins are not utilizing their tight ends like everyone had thought. Cameron has caught some nice seam rout passes but the balls are not heading his way enough and defenses whether by design or offensive ineptitude are keeping the tight ends at bay. Dion Sims hasn’t played since week one forcing the Dolphins to bring Jake Stoneburner up from the practice squad.

Stoneburner has looked like the best tight-end on the roster. That has nothing to do with his two touchdown receptions. He is playing smart hard football and is getting open on his routes. Stoneburner is running very good routes and has improved his blocking as well. You can thank the former Dolphins tight-end coach for this one.

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