Miami Dolphins Vs. Titans 5 best players

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Da’Norris Searcy – S

Searcy is the Titans Reshad Jones. The teams strong safety is a very good and can support the run as well as he can the pass. He has 12 total tackles thus far through four games. Searcy is a hard hitter who will likely be playing closer to the line on Sunday. The Dolphins don’t have a deep threat in the passing game, sure they have the receivers but not the quarterback’s arm and accuracy.

Searcy will likely be used on disguised blitzes as the Titans will try to rattle Ryan Tannehill. When not blitzing, Searcy has the ability to cover tight-ends and with the lack of production by the Dolphins offense we will likely see Searcy one on one with Dion Sims or Jordan Cameron or we will see him supporting the coverage linebacker on Jarvis Landry. With the Dolphins lacking a running game, at least for now, Searcy will be allowed to play far more freely this weekend.

The Dolphins will need to know where he is on the field as he has very good closing speed and can appear out of position only to make a play up field while the ball is in the air. If the Dolphins can establish a running game the passing game will open up more and Miami will be able to start hitting their outside receivers and if Tannehill can get a little time then even attempts at deep passes will force the Titans to keep Searcy further behind the linebackers.

Miami should know Searcy well, he played previously for the Buffalo Bills.

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