A look at Miami Dolphins curses

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The Miami Dolphins have been a bad team for so long that it almost makes you wonder if there is a curse placed upon the team by the football God’s. I know it’s funny but you can’t tell me that on game day morning’s you haven’t switched up your routine a little bit in the hopes of ending the free fall. We all have. Whether it’s how we put our socks on or what we eat during the game, we have, each of us, our own hang-ups when it comes to superstitions.

Superstition is as much a part of sports as anything else. It’s rampant in baseball, seen easily with the rally cap. It’s seen in the NBA, MLS, NHL, and yes in the NFL as well. In order to have a curse placed on your team, something had to go wrong in the past. Something that truly pissed off the ‘god’s’. For the Dolphins there is a list of things that could have led to a curse being placed on the team.

It’s now the month of October and in another two weeks Halloween will fill the nation with little candy seeking ghouls and princesses and yes, football. If a curse does exist, what better timing than excising those demons during the lead up to Halloween. Do you need to sacrifice a cat? What about buying some little trinket you can bury in the backyard? Tony Sparano tried burying a football at the stadium while head coach of the Oakland Raiders. It didnt’ work.

The question of there being a curse has been discussed tongue in cheek before and everyone has their ideas of what transpired that led to the mess we love, you know, the Miami Dolphins. The first step to excising a curse is to find out what curse it is that has been laid at the foot of the team. Here is a look at several possible reasons the Dolphins can’t turn things around. How long that curse will be in play is anyone’s guess but it has to be a curse that has befallen on this team? Right? Right? Awww, the power of voodoo.

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