Miami Dolphins – Playing for Unity


The Miami Dolphins are a unified team. Dan Campbell has instilled unity and a change of culture into the organization. Not just on a player level but an entire level that spans the entire organization from top to bottom.

By now, I am sure every Dolphins fan has seen Jarvis Landry 53 yard touchdown.  Juking, duking, side stepping – basically hitting every Madden move possible, but doing it on an actual football field.  The craziest thing about Landry touchdown wasn’t his wicked side steps, but how his teammates played for him.

After Landry side-stepped his defenders, he cut back into the middle of the field and this when I saw something that I haven’t seen in Miami for years…

Extracted from NFL.Com

Four Dolphins players running (actually sprinting) from down the field, making plays for their teammate.   An unselfish characteristic. Fighting for your teammate, to ensure you get that extra yard, that extra inch, that extra touchdown.

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  • Re-watch the Redskins game or Buffalo or even in Jets in London.  In that game, there was an average of 4 screen pass plays called to Wide Receivers or Running Backs, which should be considered normal.  The surprising thing about each of those games, is not once did you see any player(s) running down the field passed the line of scrimmage that didn’t have too.  Yes, the linemen were hustling down the field, but the Tight Ends or Running Back never moved.  Did they have too? No, not really.  It wasn’t requested nor in the play call.  But last Sunday, the same players decided to run down the field.


    Dan Campbell has accomplished a lot in two weeks.  Implementing new practices techniques, followed by spreading messages to his players that are starting to pay off.  The Dolphins players are actually believing in Campbell, so much so that you can see it on the field.  Watching Landry touchdown run, provides evidence that each player is buying into his concepts and his system.

    The players are buying into Campbell.  The Dolphins fans are starting to believe in Campbell.  Campbell posted a message in the team lockers room after their win against the Titans, “The Sleeping Giants have awoken.” These sleeping giants are what the Dolphin fans saw in week one through three.  Tony Sparano was the last Dolphins coach that was supposed to be about the players.  However, it seems that the Dolphins players are reacting more towards Campbell as he can understand and appreciate their faults, ideas and issues – being a former NFL player.  Something that no Dolphins coach has been since Dave Wannstedt.

    Players are now reporting to media outlets that they wish for the “interim” label to be removed from Dan Campbell’s title.  Who can blame them? Back to back blowout victories, shattering records in Miami that fans haven’t seen since the Shula era.  The Dolphins travel to New England and face off with their nemesis this upcoming Thursday night.  As the players have bought into Campbell mantra, it’s time for the front office to show their confidence to a team that is trying to awaken.  It’s time for all facets of the Miami Dolphins organization to do something together, that will show their fans that they believe in each other – remove the label and unity will be achieved.