Miami Dolphins Need to Choose Wisely


When all the dust settles, the Miami Dolphins are 3-5.  Don’t worry Dolphins fans, it’s the same feeling you have had the past three years.  What was once a promising and optimistic outlook, has led to a falling out of all kinds.  The Miami Dolphins should now look to the future and start understanding what exactly they have on this team.

The Dolphins played with heart and intensity in the first two games of the Dan Campbell era.  Which was evident in the two blow out victories against the Texans and Titans.  However, intensity and passion have an expiry date.  It’s now time to re-evaluate the Dolphins to see what should remain in the fridge, and what can be thrown out.

Dion Jordan:

Yes, remember him. The 3


overall pick in the NFL draft, that was supposed to replace Cameron Wake. Well, Wake is injured and this would be an ideal shift for DJ to come in and show the NFL what he can do, but, he’s not even allowed at the team complex.   The Dolphins next coach needs to either reach out to Dion Jordan and ensure that he is part of the teams plan or release him.  A fresh start is what this promising prospect might need – by saying that – a new Dolphins coach that caters to his ability might be that fresh start.  At the end of the day, the Dolphins needs to determine if Wake is worth an 8 million cap hit or can he be replaced by Jordan.

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  • Jay Ajayi:

    • If you didn’t pay attention to the final score, the one great thing about this past Sunday was the introduction of Jay Ajayi to the NFL. This kid looked legit.  Running with quick lateral movement, shifting through his blocks and constantly reaching the 2nd level.   Bear in mind, it was one game, but he showed enough flashes of potential to merit more touches.  On the other side, there is Lamar Miller, who is playing for a contract.  Should the Dolphins pay Lamar knowing that they have a younger, cheaper Running back in the fold? A combination of Lamar and Ajayi would lead to a potential thunder and lightning combination, something that Dolphins fans have not seen since Ricky and Ronnie.  Either way, the new head coach needs to make a decision on which player or players need to be part of the Dolphins running game.

    DeVante Parker:

    • “Why” is the first thing that comes to my mind. Why isn’t this kid on the field. I don’t care about Rishard Mathews.  He will be leaving the Dolphins next year.  If the Dolphins are trying to trade him, then go…do it now! Everyone in the NFL knows what type of player Mathews is.  He is a solid WR2, that reminds everyone of Eric Decker.  That is Mathews cap.
      The Dolphins have no idea what the cap is on Parker, because they don’t want to play him. I understand that he was hurt, but when Parker is asked by reporters how the ankle is and he states 100%…this makes everyone believe it’s the coaching staff that his holding him back.  The Dolphins are 3-5. They have the toughest part of their schedule coming up, the fans need to see what Parker can do.  All scouting reports stated he could be the next A.J Green, but right now, he is reminding Dolphin fans of Yatil Green.
      Campbell – stop cuddling this kid and let him play.  Hickey – trade Mathews.

    Sorry – just needed to vent there.

    Ryan Tannehill:

    • The moment of truth. The current front office rewarded Tannehill with a 96 million dollar extension.  Reviewing the contract, the Dolphins technically have an “out” clause in 2017.  They can release Tannehill with little impact to their cap, which outlines the following plan…Ryan has one more year to get it together.  If the new coach or regimen comes in and wants their own guy, they can draft a new QB in next year draft or sign one in Free Agency.  Is Tannehill the future for the Dolphins? Let’s just say, when you look for a starting QB you look for 3  following characteristics; A Leader, Can attack all elements of the field, and QB Intelligent.  Right now, Ryan barely satisfies one of the three conditions (in my opinion).

    There is no crystal ball or a time machine that will help us see what the 2016-17 Dolphins will look like.  Is it time to start planning? Hell ya! This current team, can’t win a divisional game, which has been evident in all four substantial losses.  The four players listed above, have to show the potential that they possess for the Dolphins to start turning the corner. They key element to all of this, is that each players was drafted by the Dolphins.  Draft picks need to be the cornerstone of your franchise.   It’s time for them to shine, otherwise, when the dust settles, they will all be gone.