50 moments in Miami Dolphins history

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Of all the things that could have changed in Dolphins history this is one moment that the Dolphins would like to have back. On December 24, 1974 the Dolphins took on the Oakland Raiders for the right to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game. In the final five minutes of play the Raiders and Dolphins swapped the lead three times but nothing will erase what happened on the Raiders final drive.

The Dolphins had been to the Super Bowl the past three seasons and were looking to make it a fourth trip. They held the lead late in the game 26-21 with the Raiders driving deep into Dolphins territory. Ken Stabler took the Raiders snap and the Dolphins pass rush swarmed him pulling him towards the ground. Stabler was able to get the pass off and threw a prayer into the end zone to Clarence Davis for the game winning touchdown.

The name “Sea of Hands” relates to the wave of Dolphins defenders whose hands were up trying to block the pass but the ball sailed over them and secured the game preventing the Dolphins from a 4th Super Bowl opportunity.

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