50 moments in Miami Dolphins history

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Mandatory Credit: MiamiDolphins.com

In 1972 everything for the Miami Dolphins was perfect. The back-up quarterback was perfect, the defense was perfect, everything was perfect. Garo Yepremian was not. Leading the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII, the Dolphins lined up for what would be a perfect ending to a perfect season. Leading 14-0 in the 4th quarter Miami attempted an ill-fated field goal that was blocked.

The ball careened back into the hands of Yepremian who tried to corral the ball and pass the ball but instead simply batted the ball around until it landed in the hands of the Redskins’ Mike Bass who returned the ball 49 yards for the Redskins only touchdown.

For decades after Yepremian had to deal with his flop that cost the Dolphins a potential shutout but more importantly the teams drive to finish their perfect 17-0 season with a 17-0 victory in the Super Bowl. Later in his life Yepremian was able to laugh about the mistake but his teammates never let him forget it chiding him with laughs at reunions. It was the only blunder of the ’72 season.

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