50 moments in Miami Dolphins history

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In 1983 the Miami Dolphins entered the playoffs and derailed the hopes of the New England Patriots in week one 28-13 and then the San Diego Chargers in week two 34-13 setting up the AFC Championship against the rival New York Jets. Strong steady rains fell on the field at the Orange Bowl as the Dolphins and Jets took the field. Miami would go on to win the game that was played in huge pockets of mud, 14-0 and earn the right to face the Redskins in the Super Bowl.

Neither team moved the ball well through the game as the mud stifled attacks for both teams. Dolphins linebacker A.J. Duhe however took control of the game with three interceptions, one a 35 yard return for a touchdown. All told the teams combined for a total of nine turnovers and 19 punts between them and a total of just over 430 yards combined for both teams.

After the game the Jets protested to the league accusing Don Shula and the Dolphins of not putting a tarp over the field to protect the playing surface. The Jets were a highly efficient offense that became grounded in the conditions allowing the Dolphins to pull out a victory.

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