50 moments in Miami Dolphins history

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Perfection. The 1972 stands as the Miami Dolphins single greatest accomplishment as a franchise. The culmination of Joe Robbie’s trust in Don Shula came to light when the Dolphins finished the season with 17 wins and no losses as the became Super Bowl champions.

The story of the 72 season has been played over and over again but there is no doubt that the Dolphins defense behind a bunch of no-names and an offense led by back-up quarterback Earl Morral until the playoffs stands as one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of teams sports.

Making the season more fantastical is the fact that the Dolphins didn’t get the privilege of playing the AFC Championship game at home. The NFL used a rotation schedule for the post-season during that time and Miami, despite winning their division and finishing the season a perfect 14-0 were still forced to play on the road for their second of two playoff games.

Despite winning all of the their games media has not been kind to the team since. Often making a point to make sure everyone knows exactly what teams through history were better. The answer however is none. The New England Patriots managed a perfect regular season but could not win the Super Bowl. This season they are looking strong enough to make another run at the mark of perfection but half a season remains.

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