50 moments in Miami Dolphins history

50 of 51

If you ever meet former Miami Dolphins Nat Moore you may want to ask him about the amazing catch against the New York Jets in 1984. The Dolphins entered the game a perfect 10-0 for the November 4th match-up. With the teams battling into the 4th quarter in a close contest, Dan Marino found Nat Moore inside the Jets 10 yard line for a critical third down conversion. Moore attempted to gain more yards by leaping over the two Jets defenders.

As he went air-born he was his simultaneously at different angles sending him rotating like the blades of a helicopter. The play has been replayed ever since as one of the greatest catches in the NFL. The Dolphins scored soon thereafter and put 17 fourth quarter points on the board as they improved to an impressive 11-0.

Miami would lose however three weeks later in overtime to the San Diego Chargers.

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