50 moments in Miami Dolphins history

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Drew Brees beraking the record with the Dolphins could have been special.

Not all of the memories are good. Although it would very easy to find 50 positive memories from 50 seasons, some of the most memorable moments were huge mistakes. Such was the drafting of Jamar Fletcher in the first round of the 2001 NFL Draft.

Miami entered the 2001 off-season needing to find a franchise solution at quarterback but then head coach Dave Wannstedt believed that Jay Fiedler was his long-term solution. Wannstedt felt that Purdue quarterback Drew Brees was also too small and raw for the NFL. What Wannstedt didn’t need was a cornerback. The Dolphins had Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison starting in the secondary and the two formed a powerful one-two punt at the position. Some would rightfully argue that the combination of Madison and Surtain was the best secondary duo in team history.

The fact that the team was set at corner didn’t seem to matter to Wannstedt and when the team came on the clock at pick number 26, Wannstedt drafted Fletcher. At the top of the 2nd round, Drew Brees was taken by the San Diego Chargers. While Brees didn’t work out quite as expected in San Diego, he flourished in New Orleans, our next slide, while Fletcher would spend a meaningless three seasons in Miami registering four starts in that time frame.

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