NFL Thanksgiving Day predictions


The Miami Dolphins won’t be playing on Thanksgiving Day this year and for the 2nd year in a row we are treated to an all NFC conference slate.

The NFL in my opinion either needs to stop the traditions of Dallas and Detroit playing on Thanksgiving or divide the games up more uniformally between NFC and AFC. It’s not that I don’t like NFC football, I just enjoy watching the AFC far more. It has a lot more impact on Miami.

This Thanksgiving slate has three games for us with the first game kicking off at 12:30.

Philadelphia @ Detroit

Detroit hosts their annual Thanksgiving Day game this year against the struggling Philadelphia Eagles. As the season ticks on it is starting to become more and more apparent that Chip Kelly’s future lies somewhere in the college ranks again. Kelly hasn’t been able to acclimate to the NFL like most thought he would and his brand of high potent offense hasn’t translated well. Perhaps it’s his ego but can someone explain why he dumped LeSean McCoy again? Detroit is back to being Detroit but they did manage to beat the Green Bay Packers so things are not as bad as they were. It’s still better for Philly.

Philadelphia 28 – Detroit 24

Carolina @ Dallas

Perhaps the biggest game of the weekend. Carolina is 10-0 and wants to put an exclamation point on the record and make it 11. Dallas has Tony Romo back and while they knocked off the Dolphins last week, the Dolphins are not Carolina. The Panthers will face former DE Greg Hardy who wants to prove to Carolina that his release was a mistake. Carolina? Hardy? Dallas? My money is on an 11th win.

Carolina 36 – Dallas 21

Chicago @ Green Bay

The Bears are playing better and the Packers are finally off a three game losing streak. Green Bay still has issues and they need to get their offensive problems solved pretty quickly. What was an easy run away in the NFC North has now become a far tighter race with the Vikings tied with the Packers but a 1/2 game back thanks to head to head records. The Bears could start to creep back into this, well on paper at least.

Green Bay should have no problems with this game as there are too many inconsistencies on both sides of the ball for Chicago.

Green Bay 42 – Chicago 27