NFL week 12 predictions


The NFL has already played three games this week as they inch towards Sunday and Monday nights week 12 wrap up.

This week a full slate of games is on tap as the bye weeks are finally over and the push for the post-season begins. The Dolphins are not out of the playoff picture but they are dangling by a tiny threat that already has a bunch of frays in it. It’s too early to talk about scenarios because there is only one right now. The Dolphins have to win out.

For Miami it’s more about getting to .500 on the season. They are already at 4-6 which gives them two more losses that can be afforded. After Dan Campbell took over the team, .500 was the bench mark many fans said the Dolphins needed to reach in order for him to retain the coaching job in 2016. We’ll see.

Here is a look at this weeks NFL games with my predictions. Last week I went a measily 7-6 from Sunday to Monday. On Thanksgiving I managed to predict one of the three wins forgetting that the Detroit Lions rarely lose on Thanksgiving day and giving way too much credit to Green Bay.

Miami @ NYJ

Call me crazy but the Dolphins play much better in New York than the Jets do. Miami also seems to play up to the DolfansNYC crowd and I think they do that again this week.

Miami 28 – NY – 14

Saints @ Texans

The Texans are on a tear lately finally playing the defensive side of the ball at the level everyone thought they were capabel of. New Orleans on the other hand is a huge disappointment despite the off-season gutting they received. Drew Brees is still a top QB.

New Orleans 24 – Texans 21

Rams @ Bengals

To be honest, I’m not sure which team will show up for either city. The Bengals looked like a serious candidate to challenge New England for the AFC crown but now look completely average. The Rams were supposed to challeng in the NFC but are so inconsistent. This will be a battle of defenses.

Bengals 17 – Rams 16

Vikings @ Falcons

The Falcons started the season strong but have fallen faster than leaves in fall. The Vikings have one of the best rushing defenses in the league and Atlanta is without one of the best rushers in the league.

Vikings 27 – Falcons 24

Giants @ Redskins

The Redskins are playing strong football and the Giants are playing decent. With Dallas out of the NFC East picture and the Eagles dropping as well, this could be a decisive game for the division winner.

Giants 32 – Redskins 30

Bucs @ Colts

The Colts haven’t lost with Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback. The Bucs keep surprising everyone. The Bucs have a rushing game and the Colts can’t stop the run.

Bucs 27 – Colts 21

Bills @ Chiefs

The Chiefs are suddenly one of the hottest teams and the Bills are still all talk. It’s very hard to win in Kansas City and the Bills are coming off a miserable defeat against the Patriots last Monday night. The Bills defense is still very good and Alex Smith is just o.k.

Bills 20 – Chiefs 10

Raiders @ Titans

Not too long ago the Raiders were serious challengers for the AFC West. They have since lost two in a row and that fancy Derek Carr passing attack has all but dryed up. The Titans are playing everyone tough.

Titans 28 – Raiders 27

Chargers @ Jaguars

At the start of the season I would have said that this game was a no-brainer but San Diego has made far too many East coast trips this year and the Jaguars are finding confidence in themselves.

Jaguars 24 – Chargers 23

Cardinals @ 49’ers

Ummm, yeah. The 49’ers are horrible on both sides of the ball. Think they are regretting the decision on Jim Harbaugh?

Cardinals 42 – 49’ers 14

Steelers @ Seahawks

The Seahawks are starting to get better but it may be too late. The Steelers are playing stronger defensively and Seattle is still struggling on offense.

Steelers 21 – Seattle 17

Patriots @ Broncos

It was supposed to be the Brady-Manning bowl for what might very well have been the last time. Manning is out and Brock Osweiler is in. That’s not good. Making matters worse for Denver, the top defensive unit in the league is no longer playing like the top defensive unit in the league. Oh and then there is Tom Brady who really doesn’t need any wide-receivers to throw to.

Patriots 34 – Broncos 13

Ravens @ Browns

This Monday night game has all the makings of an early bedtime.

Cleveland 27 – Baltimore 14, or it could be Cleveland 13 – Baltimore 12. Or it could end in a tie 3-3.