10 worst trades in Dolphins history

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Daunte Culpepper for a 2nd – 2006

After seven seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Daunte Culpepper arrived in South Florida via a trade that would send Minnesota and their new GM Rick Spielman a 2nd round pick. Nick Saban had taken over the Dolphins a year previously and was in desperate need of a franchise quarterback. The problem was he had two players to choose from. Free agent Drew Brees who had a shoulder injury or Culpepper in a trade with a knee injury.

Saban to this day says the Miami doctors told him there was far less risk with Culpepper so Saban turned his attention to the Vikings and sent them the pick. We all know what Brees did in New Orleans and continues to do but the Dolphins had a new quarterback on their roster. Culpepper would start the first four games of the season and lead the team to a miserable 1-3 record. He would then injury his knee and sit out the rest of the season.

Following the 2006 season Nick Saban would leave for Alabama and the Dolphins would hire Cam Cameron and appoint Randy Mueller to the position of general manager. The Dolphins under Mueller would release Culpepper who would return to Miami in 2007 as a member of the Oakland Raiders and lead the team to a win over the Dolphins.

The promotion of Mueller and the hiring of Cam Cameron would lead to one of the worst trades in Miami Dolphins history.

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