10 worst trades in Dolphins history

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Vontae Davis’ reputation in the NFL is growing rapidly.

Number 10

Vontae Davis traded to Colts- 2012

Nothing was worse than watching Davis walk into Jeff Ireland’s office and being told he was being traded to the Colts. Davis was shocked but making matters worse was the fact that HBO was filming the entire thing. “I want to call my grandma” became a media teaser all season. The trade sent Davis to the Colts just before the start of the season for a 2nd round pick in the 2013 draft. Miami used that pick to draft his replacement Jamar Taylor. Unfortunately Taylor has yet to make any real impact in the Dolphins secondary aside from negative ones. Davis is still playing at a very consistent level in Indianapolis and is their top cornerback.

The trade wasn’t the worst trade by far but having to watch Davis’ reaction was almost embarrassing. The Davis trade also gave Dolphins fans a glimpse into the coaching decisions or lack thereof of Joe Philbin. When Jeff Ireland asked Philbin about trading Davis, Philbin simply said, “I don’t know. What do you think?”. The entire Hard Knocks episode played out as dysfunctional family. The irony is that only four seasons later everyone involved with this trade would be gone.

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