10 worst trades in Dolphins history

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Number 9

Jason Taylor traded to Redskins- 2008

Jason Taylor and Bill Parcells did not mix from the start. Taylor accepted an off-season invitation to join the ABC hit series Dancing with the Stars. Bill Parcells was none to thrilled with the decision instead expecting Taylor to stay close to the training facility. Further tension began to boil over and eventually Parcells found a suitor for Taylor. The Redskins gave up a 2nd round pick in 2009 and a 7th round pick in 2010 for Taylor.

After one season in Washington, Taylor was done and moved on. The trade didn’t work out too well for the Redskins but it wasn’t exactly a great trade for the Dolphins either. Miami used the Taylor trade draft picks on Pat White in round two of the 2009 draft and traded the 7th round pick eventually drafting Austin Spitler in round 7. Taylor would move on to play for the NY Jets before returning to the Dolphins for a final stint before retiring.

What makes this trade bad is the simple fact Miami wasted the picks they received from the Redskins. Pat White played one season and never made it in the NFL. Austin Spitler was a special teams player but never developed into anything more. Instead, Dolphins fans watched the best player the team had in this century casually be cast aside. For Pat White.

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