10 worst trades in Dolphins history

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Trent Green for a 5th – 2007

In 2007 the Dolphins needed a quarterback in a big way. Nick Saban failed in his attempt to land a franchise quarterback (more on that in a later slide). The Kansas City Chiefs had a quarterback to spare so the Dolphins opted to send Kansas City a 5th round draft pick for Trent Green.

The Dolphins basically got one touchdown and one game per draft pick for Green. Green started five games and threw five touchdowns for the Dolphins before exiting the season with a concussion. Green was coming off a season ending concussion in Kansas City and had a recent history of sustaining concussive hits. The Dolphins looked beyond that and assumed that they could keep him healthy. Unfortunately Miami’s offensive line wasn’t very good and Green took seven sacks in his five games with Miami.

It’s hard to say this was a horrible trade given the fact Miami only gave up a 5th round pick to get him but the Dolphins knew of his medical history and cast that knowledge aside. Green was a one and done QB in Miami. He would return to St. Louis for a final season in 2008 starting one game before sustaining another concussion. He finally retired at the end of the 2008 season.

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