5 X-Mas wishes Dolphins fans want this off-season


The Miami Dolphins will play on Sunday and Christmas is tomorrow. If you could have five things this off-season what would they be? X-Mas gifts so to speak given the fact it’s the holiday’s.

All Miami fans want is a winner on the field but that has been an ongoing wish for what seems like eternity. It’s hard to believe but there are fans out there who have only seen the Dolphins play in one post-season game, no Super Bowls, and have spent their entire Dolphins life wishing for a starting caliber quarterback. While it’s hard to say if Ryan Tannehill will be that player or not, there are other areas that need improved first.

Wish number one

A head coach. Not just any head coach but a real head coach. This head coach needs to be innovative, motivating, fired up, and most of all smart. He needs to drive the players and teach them, cull their talent, and more importantly use them the right way in the right system. And he needs to make this team physical.

Who that head coach will be is anyone’s guess at this point. It could be a big name, a small name, experienced or up and coming but they have to be able to handle the job because there is a lot of rebuild on the way.

Wish number two

An offensive line that can block. Miami lacks solid pass blocking and even run blocking lineman. Jason Fox is not an answer and neither is Dallas Thomas. Some believe that Billy Turner has the talent but lacks the coaching but his time in Miami has shown only small glimpses. Can a new coach teach him how to play? Miami has Branden Albert at left tackle but Albert seems to be always hurt and Mike Pouncey despite his third consecutive Pro-Bowl is not a road grader lineman. The same can be said about right tackle. What Miami lacks the most on the line is attitude. They are not physical enough for the NFL and this prissy play needs to go.

Wish number three

Someone who can actually play opposite of Brent Grimes is important. The Dolphins can’t afford to enter another season wondering who will step up on the opposite side of and cover to even a mediocre level. The secondary is bad that had it not been for Grimes, who was very inconsistent this year, and Reshad Jones who was stellar, the Dolphins would have likely been blown out by everyone.

Wish number four

Tackling would be nice. The linebackers that this team has can’t cover in the passing game, can’t defend against the run, and can’t rush the quarterback. Oh, and they can’t tackle at the point of impact either. Adding insult to an already injured riddle unit is that Miami has not addressed the position in the first few rounds since Koa Misi. Misi could be out in Miami and that would leave only Jelani Jenkins with any degree of potential. The rest of the unit is either too young and inexperienced or in their prime and at the best level they will ever get to…Spencer Paysinger, Kelvin Sheppard anyone?

Wish number five

An off-season devoid of controversy and stupid moves made by the front office. The Dolphins could be looking for a new GM and a new HC and the last two opportunities Miami has had were severely flawed and embarrassing. One off-season without drama is not too much to ask. One off-season of not being shunned and turned down isn’t too much to ask either. And by God please when a new coach and/or GM is hired, don’t sit at the table Mr. Ross and say this is the guy that will take you to a Super Bowl…especially if the first four guys you wanted to hire turn you down.