NFL Black Monday predictions


The NFL’s annual Black Monday event is four days away and while it’s not as positive as Black Friday in retail, it comes with changes that many fans will embrace. While the Dolphins are not likely to fire Dan Campbell on Monday, they will be looking for a new head coach.

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  • Predicting what might happen on Monday is as hard as predicting the outcome of a Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns game. In other words does anyone outside of those who follow those teams who fire their coaches really care too much?

    The Dolphins can retain Campbell as interim head coach if they desire while looking for a new head coach. Unlike the last time Miami tried to find a head coach with one still under contract. Campbell isn’t a candidate for any other teams HC job or even OC job so the Dolphins are not keeping him from advancing by keeping him on staff. What does this mean exactly? It means that come Monday, Miami isn’t going to be one of those teams firing their coaches.

    Here is my predictions for Monday’s fire event of the season. And it’s not intended to be a joke, no one should be thrilled when someone loses their job, but this is the NFL.


    A few weeks ago I predicted, or rather stated that Chip Kelly’s future wasn’t his decision to make. The Eagles fired Kelly on Tuesday ahead of the final game. The timing made little sense but it did send a message to the team.


    News has surfaced that the Colts will indeed fire Chuck Pagano after the final game of the season. Pagano told reporters that he would “fight my ass off to stay with the Colts”. Apparently the Colts are not interested. Earlier in the season Pagano said that the Colts would be his last coaching job but given the fact he won’t have a job now, we will see if that hold’s true.

    New Orleans

    There has been speculation that Sean Payton could be out of New Orleans but I suspect that he will not be fired on Monday. The Saints would be smart to see if another team is willing to make a trade for the coach. While they may not get much more than a 3rd for him, something is far better than nothing. If they can’t work a trade out, Payton could be asked to resign.


    The Titans got more production out of Mike Mularkey but not enough to get them out of the top two spots of the draft. With Chip Kelly now available Mularkey could be fired on Monday. Unlike the Dolphins and their interim head coach, Tennessee does Mularkey no favors or themselves by holding on to him. If the Titans believe that Mularkey can lead this team, they may explore him as an option during interviews for a new HC.


    Mike Pettine is on the hotseat but there has been talk that he will be retained for another season. The same can’t be said for GM Ray Farmer. Yes the same GM that declined Miami’s offer three off-seasons ago.

    San Diego

    Mike McCoy is on the bubble but there is nothing being floated around about the team firing him on Monday. Still you can’t really say a whole lot of good things about the Chargers the last few years. They made the playoffs but not as a division winner and this year they have only won 4 games.


    Jerry Jones has been coy about Jason Garrett. Typically Jones will voice his support for his coach this time of year. While he has neither said he will be fired or that he is safe, it’s a message that could be taken either way. We will see how exactly that situation plays out next week.

    New York Giants

    There has been so much talk about Tom Coughlin’s future and no one from the organization is denying those rumors. The coaches said a week ago they believe they needed to win the last two games to keep their jobs. They lost last Sunday. Coughlin has been in New York for a long time but it’s likely his time in NY is over and his career as an NFL head coach could be too as he is now 70 years old. The oldest HC in the league.


    The Ford family is tired of losing. The players in Detroit want Caldwell back. It’s an interesting dynamic to say the least but Caldwell isn’t safe by any means. Not yet. He could be out of a job on Monday.

    San Francisco

    Jim Tomsula took over for Jim Harbaugh and the team has looked nothing like it was previously. QB issues, play calling issues, injuries, and just problems everywhere has set the head coach up for a pink slip on Monday.

    St. Louis

    The city of St. Louis is trying to keep the Rams in Missouri. Stan Kroenke may not be too worried about Jeff Fisher leaving for another job. Fisher himself may not be too inclined to stay with a team who’s future city may not be the midwest but the West coast instead. Something to keep an eye on come Monday.