What does Chris Grier want out of Dolphins?

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Chris Grier was introduced today as the Miami Dolphins new general manager and some of what he said is turning some ears. What exactly does he want out of this team? His team?

To be clear, Grier will not have control over the roster, not entirely anyways. Mike Tannenbaum made that clear up front when he said that for now, player decisions will be made as a team. That implies that Grier’s status as a GM might not be entirely what typical GM powers would entail. The good news is that Grier will have a lot of input into what happens going forward.

A few key points from his press conference today will eventually resonate with the fan base but it will be actions not words that get the fan base believing.

Quarterback – Grier wants competition at quarterback. Matt Moore could be competition at quarterback for all we know but he recognizes the need to have someone competing against Ryan Tannehill. All positions need a little push. Some good old fashion competition to make players better. Grier recognizes this but it’s going to be part of his job to find that competition.

The organization – Grier has been around for 16 years and he has seen what a mess this team has become. In the past he was handcuffed to help fix it. Now he is in position to do just that. He called the teams front office “dysfunction” a thing of the past. He should know as he has seen it looking up, from below. If what they say is true about where crap falls, then Grier has seen his share filtering down. If Grier can change that, Miami will be off to a good start this off-season.

The fans – Grier, during his opening statement said that the team will earn the trust of the fans back. It’s obvious that the organization now realizes they have lost that faith in their fan base. While it fixes nothing, it’s a good start that they can actually and openly acknowledge there is a problem. Fans have been discontent with the organizations direction and recognizing that is the first step to fixing it.

Overall it’s hard to say what Grier will do in his new position but it’s becoming clearer that Miami has a direction or to air on the side of history, the appearance of direction. Grier has been here long enough to know what needs to change. Much in the same way that Dan Campbell knew what needed changed. Now it’s a matter of changing it.