2016 NFL Mock Draft: Big boys dominate first round

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  1. Green Bay Packers

A’Shawn Robinson – DT – Alabama

The Packers have two big needs. Pass rushers and offensive lineman which will make the first pick in this years draft very interesting. Previously we went with Vadal Alexander of Notre Dame but the final weeks of the season and the post-season showed how badly the Packers need that upfield push on defense. Robinson is a big body who moves quickly for his size. He can push the line and collapse the pocket or he can assume double teams and free up the linebacker to make plays.

If the Green Bay Packers go offensive line it won’t be a surprise and at some point they need to do just that. If they don’t fix what’s wrong on the offensive line it will be another disappointing season in 2016. Aaron Rodgers was hit consistently and the lack of line play doomed the Packers rushing offense. The injuries to wide-receivers surely didn’t help but even when the receivers were open, Rodgers more often than not didn’t have time to make his reads and throws. Late in the season the lack of play on the line sent the Packers into a tailspin.

For now Robinson is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

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