Miami Dolphins all-draft team

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Together...the way it should be
Together...the way it should be /

The Miami Dolphins offense is a very solid unit but the defense stands to be great. In fact, more players are left off this list because of the parameters than on offense. This defense will run with four defensive lineman and three linebackers.

Round 1

DT – Kim Bokamper: Bokamper was drafted in 1976 with the Dolphins 2nd first round pick. He played nine seasons with the Dolphins and started 103 of his 127 games with Miami.

DT – Tim Bowens: Bowens long tenure with the Dolphins spanned 11 seasons and included two pro-bowls.

Round 2

CB – Sam Madison: Madison spent nine seasons with the Dolphins making four pro-bowls starting 127 of his 138 games for the Dolphins.

LB – John Offerdahl: John Offerdahl’s career was cut short after 8 seasons due to knee issues but he made the pro-bowl his first five seasons and was a brutal run stopping linebacker.

Round 3

DB – Dick Anderson: There is little doubt that Anderson was one of the best defensive backs in the NFL let alone for the Miami Dolphins. Drafted in round three of the 1968 draft, Anderson spent nine seasons with the Dolphins and in the NFL. In today’s NFL Anderson would fit perfectly as a safety, which is where we will play him.

DE – Jason Taylor: One of the most beloved Dolphins players in history, Taylor spent 13  of his 15 seasons with the Dolphins and is eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2017.

Round 4

CB – Curtis Johnson – Johnson played nine seasons with the Dolphins starting 113 of 125 games he appeared in and participated in all three of the Dolphins Super Bowls in the early 70’s.

LB – Dwight Hollier: Hollier was drafted in 1992 and played eight seasons with the Dolphins.

Round 5

LB – Zach Thomas: Like Jason Taylor, Thomas was a mainstay and fan favorite in Miami. His smaller size did nothing to take away from his play on the field and Thomas is the perfect interior linebacker on this all-draft team.

Round 6

DE – Doug Betters: Betters played 10 seasons with the Dolphins and made the pro-bowl in 1983 as part of the feared Killer-B defense. Betters is a perfect option opposite Jason Taylor.

Round 7 

DB/S – Jake Scott: Pairing Scott with Anderson again makes the absolute most sense and gives Miami a fantastic duo in the deep secondary.