Dolphins 2016 Safety Preview: Reshad Jones


The Miami Dolphins are expecting big things from Reshad Jones in 2016 but could a holdout be looming as training camp gets closer? The Dolphins are hopeful that won’t be the case.

Personally, from my perspective, the relationship with Reshad Jones has been of a love hate status.  When Jones was drafted, he looked like a solid special team’s contributor that somehow under the previous regimen gained starting time.  Jones’ lack of awareness, tackling skills, wrong reads started the hate phase of the relationship.  Since 2011, Jones played almost every game.   That experience has lead him to right his wrong and the Miami Dolphin fans showed him the love.  As the love from the fan base started growing, the media attention and recognition came as well.  The unfortunate aspect of this type of awareness, is where Jones stands right now, a contract holdout position.

2015 review

MVP.  Bottom line.  The only other player that might be considered would be Jarvis Landry.  Reshad Jones was the most impressive player on the field on both sides of the field.  Although, his game changing plays were limited, his presence on the field was shown over and over again. Jones enjoyed his best season to date.  Leading the team in tackles, interceptions and interceptions returned for touchdowns.  Jones had two pick sixes in back to back games (Tennessee and Houston) I can’t remember that last Miami Dolphins to accomplish that task.

2015 stats

106 tackles, 2 sacks, 5 Interceptions, 2 Returned for a TD

2016 preview

In all honestly, everyone can understand why Jones is holding out.  The NFL is league where players are trying to max all their potential earnings as soon as possible.  The concern here, is that the Dolphins are paying Jones over 7 million this year and next.  Which is a fair price for the positional evaluation.  Jones needs to get to camp.  In all likelihood, the starting Strong Safety position will be there for Jones.  The fact that Vance Joseph, the Miami Dolphins new Defensive Coordinator, is known for maximizing the strengths of his player, the two need to work together and identify their teacher/mentor relationship.  The concern that has been whispering around Dolphins facilities, is what happens if Jones continues his “hold” during the training camp, the Dolphins will now be placed in an uncomfortable position.

Although the premise of this section is to forecast Jones impact in 2016, we need to fully understand if Jones will actually be playing, and more importantly when.  Kam Chancellor decided to make a bold move last year, by holding out all OTA, Training Camp and 4 regular season games and still the Seattle Seahawks did not budge and revise his current contract status.  The Dolphins defense is not built nor does it have the same talent as the Seahawks, if Jones, decides to hold out into the regular season, this would impact the Dolphins sufficiently, as the Dolphins don’t have a legitimate back up plan.

Where does that leave us…honestly in purgatory?  If Jones ends his holdout by training camp, hope will be restored and all is good in Dolphins land.  However, if Jones decides to hold out and follow a similar path as Chancellor, the Dolphins would be forced to either look at the trade block or continue their hold, understanding that Jones is possibly locked up for 2 years.

So let’s break it down like this.  Assuming Jones comes back and doesn’t miss any games, the expectations will be extremely high – Ed Reed high.  Yes, Jones possess the same ability as Ed Reed once did, and under the tutelage of Vance Joseph, he could be in consideration for another breakout year.

2016 stats

16 games: 126 tackles, 6 sacks, 5 Interceptions, 3 Returned for a TD