Dolphins special teams rundown


Every NFL game consists of 3 teams on the field the one that seems to get overlooked at times is the special teams unit, what follows is a rundown on this unit as TC winds down.

If the special teams unit plays to an exceptional level possibly even scoring points in a game it makes things easier on the other defense and offense units special teams coordinator/Asst.Head Coach Darren Rizzi is looking to field the best unit he can.
“Mike Hull played a team-high 18 snaps on special teams against the New York Giants and finished with four tackles in the kicking game and forced a fumble.

The Giants’ starting position after Hull’s four special teams tackles was their own 23, 18, 11 and 12.

Along with his special teams work, Hull also got 19 snaps on defense against the Giants on Friday night and finished with three tackles.”

Dolphins Darren Rizzi: Excited About Linebacker Mike Hull’s “Football IQ”

Sun Sentinel Published on Aug 15, 2016

“I can’t remember a guy that had four tackles and a forced fumble in one game in a recent past year, so kudos to him,” special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi said after practice Monday. “Great effort. Doesn’t surprise me because of his work ethic and his football IQ. Hopefully he continues to do that.” special teams coordinator/Asst.Head Coach Darren Rizzi

“If he keeps doing that every week, it’s going to be a hard guy to get rid of,” Rizzi said. “Seriously. I can tell you that if he keeps having that kind of production, those guys are hard to kick out of the building. Guys that we’re looking for to play core special teams. He does a lot of things. He was actually a long-snapper in college, which most people don’t know, so he could be a backup. There’s a lot of things he can do. It’s one of those more-you-can-do guys and there’s really no phase that he can’t play on. Again, he’s an asset that way.” special teams coordinator/Asst.Head Coach Darren Rizzi credit  Alain Poupart Lead Writer

Miami’s special teams snap counts per offensive player from game 1 Vs Giants.

Only double-digit snaps included here sans Grant more on that later.

Dominique Jones, tight end
Special teams snap: 17 (57%)

Thomas Duarte, tight end
Special teams snap: 13 (43%)

Brandon Shippen, wide receiver
Special teams snap: 11 (37%)

Daniel Thomas, running back
Special teams snap: 10 (33%)

Jakeem Grant, wide receiver
Special teams snap: 7 (23%)

The above stats full credit to
Kevin Nogle

Only 7 snaps that equates to 113 punt/kick return yards for Grant yet coach Rizzi needs to see more before naming Grant the starting returner. Just an added note: Grant had 19 snaps for an over all 173 yards including his numbers as WR.

Jakeem Grant, wide receiver
Offensive snaps: 12 (18%)
Special teams snap: 7 (23%)

Small sample size from not the biggest player but huge results.

Quotes and notes

“Pead has been extremely impressive. DT [Daniel Thomas] was extremely impressive in the fourth quarter. DT stayed healthy through the camp. Special teams will have a lot to do with those positions. There are going to be hard decisions there.” OC Clyde Christensen

(Pead had no ST snaps to Thomas 10 ST snaps game 1 Vs Giants)

Pead may be given some snaps on ST come Friday Vs Cowboys if the above statement is any indication.

Has Jakeem Grant done enough to create a package for him? “He [Grant] has shown he’s a play making guy. Every practice we’ve put him in since we’ve been here, he’s made something happen. That’s this league. In this league, you’ve got to get some big plays out of people. When you have that ability, that’s a great trait to have, when every time you go in there, something big happens.” OC Clyde Christensen

It looks like the coach had sidestepped the question so that might mean this is what will take place. (give it at least a 50% chance)

Special teams should not be looked at as a place to stash players to keep them from being pilfered off the practice squad. These players need to perform at a high level to make the unit and some perform at high levels on two units while being transitioned during the game those that do this are for lack of a better word “special”.