Miami Dolphins vs. Seahawks: 5 things you may not know

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The Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks will face off for the 14th time in the history of the two clubs. The opening weekend game takes Miami cross-country to open the season.

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  • The first game between the two clubs was in 1977 a year after Seattle was awarded the expansion franchise. While the history between the two clubs isn’t as rich as some of the other teams that Miami has faced, the two have some history.

    Here is a look at five things that you may not know about the Seattle Seahawks.


    The Seahawks were originally a member of the AFC West. In 2002 the NFL realigned the divisions due to an expansion franchise.

    The Houston Texans joined the NFL in 2002. Previously the league had an odd number of teams, 31. The AFC Central had six teams as a result of the Cleveland Browns rejoining the NFL. As part of the realignment that sent Jacksonville, Houston, and Tennessee to the newly created AFC South, the Indianapolis Colts would leave their long time home in the AFC East for the South as well.

    On the West Coast the shake up of the leagues divisions were also being felt. Due to the addition of an additional AFC team that would then put two more teams on the AFC side, the NFL agreed to move the Seahawks from the AFC West to the NFC West.

    Following the 2001 season the NFL boasted four divisions in each conference instead of three.

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