Miami Dolphins December record is not very good

DoflansNYC's Igor knows the Dolphins frustrations late in the year. - photo by Brian Miller
DoflansNYC's Igor knows the Dolphins frustrations late in the year. - photo by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins will play their first game of December against the Baltimore Ravens. While the Dolphins are pretty darn good historically in September, especially at home, December has been their Achille’s heel.

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In the teams history the Dolphins have run the table eight times. Miami was able to do this in 1970, ’72, ’78, ’81, ’83, ’85, ’05, and in ’08 the last time the Dolphins made the playoffs behind the Wild Cat and Chad Pennington. Miami will almost need to run December to make it to the post-season this year. The odds are not in Miami’s favor.

For starters, the Dolphins will play three of their remaining five games on the road. Baltimore this week and then back to back games against the Bills and Jets after a Cardinals home game next week. The Dolphins will wrap the season against the Patriots at home on January 1st.

In 2015 the Dolphins entered December against the Ravens and beat them at home. Miami would lose the next three December games. In 2014 the Dolphins played five games in December and lost three of them, including a game against Baltimore.

2013 was a good year for the Dolphins late in the season as they won three of five but the final two games were both losses to the Bills and Jets. Miami needed one win to make the post-season and scored a total of 7 points as Eric Frosbutter pointed out in article linked above.

Since 2006, a year after Nick Saban led the Dolphins on a six game winning streak to finish out the 2005 season, the Dolphins have posted 21 wins and 28 losses. Ryan Tannehill’s December record is 9 wins and 11 losses. Something needs to change.

Miami toughest games remain on their schedule and this week could begin their annual December swoon or show that this team really has turned a corner. It’s not going to be an easy month for the Dolphins but the outcome could have a huge impact on their future.