Dolphins’ Don Shula passed by Belichick for most Super Bowls


The Miami Dolphins and their fans watched tonight as Bill Belichick and his Patriots advanced to the Super Bowl.

With this years Super Bowl appearance, Belichick moves into first place by himself as the NFL coach with the most Super Bowl (7) appearances. A record previous held by Don Shula and Belichick at six. This 7th Super Bowl has many talking about how Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time.

Now for context, this is a Miami Dolphins fan site and because of that, some will undoubtedly take any opinions from this as nothing more than yet another bitter Dolphins fan who can’t stomach the success of the Patriots. O.k. you have been warned.

It’s hard to call Belichick the greatest of all time and because of that, it’s a huge tarnish on the legacy of the Patriots and the legacy of Tom Brady. Both will someday be in the Hall of Fame without question and while it’s deserving, it should also come with an asterisk.

Yes, I’m going there. The Patriots cheat. They have been found guilty of it, been accused of it several times, and the only question that really isn’t answered is how many times have they done it and not been caught?

When I think of the greatest coaches of course Don Shula comes to mind. A coach who was handed an opposing teams playbook and proceeded to throw it into the trash without reading it. There is Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, Joe Gibbs, Chuck Noll, and of course Vince Lombardi. All of whom may have less wins or playoff victories, or Super Bowl appearances but all of who have not cheated at any time.

The accusations and even the provided proof against Belichick and Brady will never keep them out of the HOF and they shouldn’t. Neither should be considered anything less than great but “greatest”? I simply can’t respect that. Not with the history of the team such as it is. Even Don Shula has said as much in his retirement.

Many people and even fans of the Miami Dolphins will say that both deserve that “G.O.A.T” title and who knows maybe I am just a bitter Miami Dolphins fan writer who is old, grouchy, and out of touch with modern times. But in an era of “trophies for everyone” I grew up in a time when you had to earn yours and you did it by respecting the game and your team at the same time.

O.k. off my soap box. Go Falcons!