Pre-combine 7-round Miami Dolphins mock draft

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Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn

Defense, defense, defense.

Miami’s defense was ugly down the stretch and in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  With Williams and Mitchell getting cut it’s vital that Miami addresses new defensive coordinator Matt Burkes’ unit.

The combine is the largest platforms in sports which makes teams over-exaggerate.  Players can jump multiple rounds in the span of one weekend just because of what they do at the combine.  Carl Lawson is one of those guys that teams could fall in love with this upcoming weekend.

Physical attributes may not be the story for Lawson’s rise, however.  Lawson was plagued with injuries for two seasons before leading a top-notch Auburn defense this past fall.  His 12.5 sacks could be an indicator that he’s past his injury woes.

What team doctors have to say about Lawson’s hip and knee will determine his worth.  If he’s deemed healthy and ready to go then he has the opportunity to start or very least become a rotational player this upcoming season.  High-risk, high-reward here for Miami.