Latest NFL Mocks 7 round mock draft not realistic

When it comes to mocking the NFL Draft, and I mean by doing a mock draft not mocking Roger Goodell, some are very good, some are o.k., and sometimes they are just bad.

Typically the group over at can come up with some pretty good or O.K. mocks but their final mock of the 2017 draft, a full seven rounds at that, feels more like someone threw spaghetti at the wall. Especially in the later rounds.

The reality is that everyone knows what Miami’s needs are. Defensive tackle, defensive end, linebacker, corner, safety, and guard. There is only a handful of positions that don’t come with needs at depth. Quarterback, maybe running back, wide-receiver, and to a degree tight-end.

So it was a little surprising that given the Dolphins needs on defense, that this mock has Miami taking Miami University TE David Njoku with their number 22 pick.

There are few better feelings than drafting local products. The Dolphins taking David Njoku out of Miami is so fitting, but also easy to understand. The tight end is a monster after the catch, can block and fills a big hole in that offense. It’s just good all around. – Erik Lambert

There is no doubt that what Lambert said is true about Njoku but he is still raw and catches most of his passes in the flats our behind the line of scrimmage. He hasn’t developed into a seam threat. But the real issue is that Miami currently has Anthony Fasano and Julius Thomas on the roster and two other developmental tight-ends. The fact is Njoku would be a luxury pick and Miami can’t afford that.

What really makes this draft pick even more of a head scratcher is that Malik McDowell, Reuben Foster, Jarrad Davis, and Marlon Humphrey are all still on the board and each fills a major hole.

In round two it doesn’t get much better with the selection of Dorian Johnson, a guard out of Pitt. Yes Miami needs a guard but Johnson is more a 3rd round player and the Dolphins still need to go defense before they begin reaching for an offensive lineman.

With corner a need, I can’t see Miami taking Johnson over Chidobe Awuzi, Kevin King, or Adoree Jackson. All of whom were still on the board. In addition several mock drafts have King and Jackson penciled in as late round 1’s or early 2’s.

Rounding out the rest of the draft the Dolphins selected Eddie Vanderdoes a defensive tackle with a lot of upside but just as many health concerns. He was selected in round three. The next pick in round three is Jake Butt going to the Giants. Butt is a tight-end that Miami may have interest in, in round three and it makes more sense than Njoku at one.

In round five Miami has three picks and Lambert gives the Dolphins a WR, Jamari Staples, Keion Adams a linebacker, and Fadol Brown a defensive end. He rounds the draft out with Leon McQuay, a safety.

As stated above you can never please anyone with a mock draft and this one doesn’t come close in my opinion to addressing the needs of the team nor showcasing what the Dolphins may consider a BPA approach. It seems more random.