Dolphins Madden fans beware, Tom Brady on cover

Tom Brady Madden 2017 cover EA Sports
Tom Brady Madden 2017 cover EA Sports /

The next installment of the insanely popular Madden NFL by EA Sports is still a few months away from making it onto the shelves but we now know who will be on the cover.

For those fans of the game who are also fans of the Miami Dolphins, you may not like what you are about to see. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has landed on the cover. Which also means that while the game loads, you get to enjoy, you guessed it, Tom Brady.

Be right back I need to throw up.

Perhaps Dolphins fans can hope for the curse to rear its ugly head and that Tom Brady will have a dismal 2017 season. What would be even better is if the Dolphins simply got so good that they would beat Brady and the Patriots twice each season.

Maybe at some point the powers that be at EA Sports will get the idea to allow its players (you) to buy the game with covers that you want to see. For example what if EA made a singular mass-produced cover with say, that cheating guy in New England. But if you are a fan of another team you have a choice if you pre-order.

EA could very easily name one player from each team to represent that fan base’s choice option. Cam Wake in Miami and of course who the hell cares on the other 31 teams. It’s an option. Charge a couple of bucks more and see what the fans really want.

I know I wouldn’t want to look at Tom Brady every time I turned on the game. Of course I don’t play the game so it really will only bug me when I walk into the game store and have to see his freaking ugly mug plastered all over.

Thanks for that E.A. Oh and thanks for his image being of Brady screaming, “I Want the FREAKING balls DEFLATED!”

On and EA, in this new digital world of entertainment, we can print our own covers thank you very much. Like one of Tom Brady being leveled by the above mentioned Cam Wake.

Other options for the cover:

Giselle Bunchen modeling Victoria’s Secret: Special loading video included.

Menacing Bill Belichick peering out of his gray hoodie: Complete with cheat codes

Bob Kraft and his “teen-age” wife/girlfriend: Parental warning that she is indeed over the age of 18 – special sugar daddy coins that you can use to buy in game achievements

The two equipment men who deflated the footballs – free quick insert needle with every purchase.

Vladimir Putin – Holding Bob Krafts ring – replica ring included

Aaron….never mind.