Dolphins wrap week one of OTA’s; what did we learn?


The Miami Dolphins held their first OTA’s this week and there was a lot of talk coming out of Miami about more than a few players.

The off-season is full swing and like most off-seasons, optimism is high. Most of the OTA sessions were closed to the public, or rather the media, but those sessions that were open had local beat writers talking.

Ryan Tannehill

This is a matter of who you prefer to listen to. One local writer thinks that the leg brace will limit Tannehill and that he saw Tannehill not as quick prior to the injury. Others who watched the practice of Tannehill noted that he didn’t appear to be bothered by the knee but did caution that there is no hitting so until Tannehill takes a hit we won’t know for sure how he mentally handles the injury.

Xavien Howard

The 2nd year cornerback impressed a lot of reporters this week and some ventured to guess that he could develop into a shutdown style corner. Others believe that he is already the best corner on the team.

Leonte Carroo

Carroo has been the subject of a lot of speculation thus far in the off-season. His dissappointing 2016 season has led some to believe that he will or could lose his job when teams cut to 53 ahead of the season. Some of his reasoning stems from the emergence of an undrafted WR.

Drew Morgan

Morgan was the talk of the OTA’s making a lot of catches and gaining separtion. His debut with the Dolphins was the reason others were talking about Carroo.

What we really saw

Tis the season for overexhuberance and that includes the media who will push their stories to get you talking. Why? It’s their off-season as well and while they may have access to players and coaches, most of the information isn’t really worth talking about.

This is the off-season and OTA’s are important to the team and to the players but we can’t evaluate OTA talent. Not veteran talent, not rookie talent, and not the depth chart or starting positions. Everything changes between now and the start of the season if not the start of Camp at the end of July.

Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill was able to move. He was able to cut, stop, change directions all the while putting pressure on his leg. It’s unclear if there will be a mental hiccup to his game or if he will be kept out of using his legs to gain yardage. Saying that Tannehill looked “off” is more of a personal agenda than anything witnessed. Training camp will tell how Tannehill is doing.

Xavien Howard

Howard had a good OTA but like Tannehill the concern is more about his recovery from injury than his play on the field. Las year he missed all of the off-season so his progression on the field should be much better. If Howard succeds in beoming the best on the Dolphins secondary unit then good on him for working out the kinks.

Leonte Carroo

The Dolphins traded way too much to get Carroo and it wouldn’t be the first time Miami cut bait with a busted pick. The problem for Carroo is Kenny Stills. Carroo was supposed to push for that outside job but Still played very well and is now on a new contract. DeVante Parker isn’t moving and nor is Jarvis Landry. Carroo holds down spot four but there is a lot to do between now and the 53 man release.

Drew Morgan

It would be nice to see an undrafted kid make his first NFL team on his first try but that rarely is realistic. Morgan has a lot of competition in front of him and without pads it’s hard to see how a player will or won’t perform when he is getting hit.

Laremy Tunsil

Looked good in non-contact drills. In other words…

Isaac Asiata

Looked bad in non-contract pass blocking….in other words…

In other words?  It’s OTA’s some players need the physicality of pads while others will get exposed when the pads come on. What we did see however was Mike Pouncey walking without assistance and at practice. He didn’t participate but he was there sans a cane.