Should the Miami Dolphins pay Jarvis Landry?

Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry talks to web hosts at a 2016 WW event in Miami. - image by Brian Miller
Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry talks to web hosts at a 2016 WW event in Miami. - image by Brian Miller /

The Dolphins have been taking care of their own throughout the offseason by paying to keep some veteran players. Jarvis Landry is next on the list but in this article, we look at the opportunity cost in his contract situation.

Starting with on the field, there is just about no flaw in Jarvis Landry’s game. He overcomes his height and speed deficits with heart and brains. His hands are among the very best in the league and his route-running is already impeccable in his young career.

He has been a safety blanket for Ryan Tannehill over the middle and provides some serious yards after the catch (YAC) abilities. He complements the offense perfectly as he brings a special talent to the receiving corps.

He is near-perfect off the field as well. His leadership abilities are starting to take full effect as he gains more experience. He is a leader for the offense as well as a leader in the locker room. The media has always enjoyed interviewing him and he has never let them down.

He always does the right thing and he is a fan favorite, for sure. His age and talent provide the Dolphins fans with loads of excitement as he is destined to become even more talented and prolific.

So why shouldn’t he get paid? Well that is a tough question. Does he deserve the money? Absolutely, there is nobody that could disagree with that; he has done everything asked of him. It is an entirely different question than the first.

Why would the Dolphins not pay him? Well it’s a business. Taking care of your own is assuredly an effective process, and it just may be exactly what the Dolphins do, but I am here to reveal to the fans the other side of the coin.

Think about this: a slot receiver cannot win a championship. An argument can be made that he is not just a slot receiver, and that could very well be true. But he has not produced to the full effect that he should have. Let me explain.

Jarvis Landry has been a reception machine over the last few years. He has been at the very top of the league in that statistic, right next to his good friend Odell Beckham Jr. But the difference is OBJ has been a top 5 WR in yardage and touchdowns over that span. OBJ has simply produced where it counts on the field; when he touches the ball, he’ll get some nice yardage and he can bring it to the house on nearly every touch.

Even though Jarvis Landry has had the same amount of opportunity, he is barely able to lead the team in touchdowns (Kenny Stills took home that honor in 2016). He is a great player on and off the field, but if the Dolphins are going to make him one of the highest-paid receivers in the league, it might turn out to be a huge mistake.

Looking at the opportunity cost, if the Dolphins carve out the money to pay Juice, they will not have the ability to sign some effective free agents. With the money used to pay Landry, they could use to bring in a lockdown cornerback or an elite left guard or possibly even a quality young edge defender.

Also, his talent can be duplicated. A slot receiver that has nice hands and plays with heart can be an easy find. With the emergence of WR Drew Morgan this offseason, Adam Gase might have just found his future slot WR, giving the team the option to spend the money elsewhere.

Devante Parker is looking to have a monster season. If he does, when and how does he get paid? He has the size and speed and catch radius of a top-dollar receiver. He can be a game-changing presence on the outside. After Stills’ paycheck, there is not enough money to pay Parker AND Landry.

If another A.J. Bouye pops up on the market next offseason, how could the Dolphins pass on that? Young lockdown cornerbacks are a rarity, and they assuredly require more money than an inside receiver.

Miami must be ready to spend in the upcoming offseason. They are on the verge of becoming something special and they cannot stop improving their roster by any means.

By no means am I down-grading Jarvis Landry. He has been the heart and soul of the Dolphins for a few years now. He deserves some top-dollar money, but just not from the Dolphins- not from a team that must spend the money elsewhere.

Jarvis Landry will get paid. The Dolphins must do their research and decide if they can afford doing so or if they will let him walk. It is a very intriguing topic and one that I’m afraid will last until the next offseason.

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