5 Dolphins previously injured players to watch in training camp

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 11: Ryan Tannehill /
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Ryan Tannehill

Should Ryan Tannehill be number one? Maybe but number two is nothing to be thrilled about. Tannehill is already under the microscope of almost half the fan base and every member of the media, especially a certain beat writer who sees nothing good in what Tannehill does.

Tannehill is coming off a near devastating knee injury. A MCL II Sprain. The sprain was a tear in the meniscus and a small tear of the ACL. The ACL will not heal itself but the MCL will. The doctors did not see reason to surgically repair Tannehill’s knee and there was some speculation that he could have returned if the Dolphins advanced further in the playoffs last year.

The injury to Tannehill will now become that injury history that Dan Marino had during his career. That “hold your breath every time he gets hit” kind of history. The Dolphins will be sure to protect their starting QB in camp but when other teams are lining up across from him, they won’t be so easy-going.

Tannehill has to stay protected and he will need to learn to move around the pocket and feel the pressure. How his injury affects his play remains to be seen. Will it hurt his running ability, cutting ability, is his footwork in the pocket going to be hurt by lingering mental issues surrounding the injury? That’s what we will find out in camp.