Dolphins want to know what needs accomplished in training camp

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The Miami Dolphins want to know what you think is the most important thing that needs to be accomplished in training camp this year?

Over the course of the last few weeks, the Dolphins have been asking the Dolphins fan-sites what their thought are on a myriad of subjects. This week they posed the question of training camp. Our staff answered and our own James Anderson had his response added to the Dolphins article. You can read all of the web-site responses by going to

Here is the rest of our staff’s responses.

Tyler Olson:

With little roster turnover this offseason, roster comradrey isn’t the most important issue leading up to training camp. This year it’s all about taking momentum from last season and seeing if it translates this year.

The organization finally has a playoff appearance to build on. Settling will result in a step back. Coming out with a chip on their shoulder will result in a step forward and give head coach Adam Gase confidence in his team leading into the regular season.

Dale-Paul Jordan:


The 2016 Miami Dolphins were one of the unlucky teams last year.  Yes, they had a season where they broke their nasty playoff draught, but they entered that game with basically their second unit playing.  Injuries hurt the team last year. Statistics show that the Miami Dolphins starting units, played the least amount of games together, as such, chemistry is what they need to find during training camp.


There are a few new additions to this team, but Adam Gase and the front office wanted the same locker room.  Now it’s up to the players to maintain their health.  How will the potential new guards react to a healthy and vocal Mike Pouncey?  How will the cornerbacks and safeties line up and understand their over/under help with Reshad Jones, Nate Allen and T.J McDonald in the backfield?  Did the ACL sprain on Tannehill impact his bootleg or play action reads, and how the ball will be positioned for his WRs/TEs/RB?  What will the be the impact on the defensive players and their playbook with Vance Joseph now in Denver? 


This team will need to figure all that out this upcoming month.  As they try to battle against a team that has had 15 years of the same playbook, the same coach/quarterback mentor-ship,  and more importantly 5 Superbowl championship.

Chemistry – something that this team has lacked, now needs to turn into a definite asset.   Training camp, is the perfect opportunity to watch this unfold. 

Brian Miller:

The Dolphins need to find an answer for their run defense. After ranking 2nd to last against the run in 2016 the Dolphins must find a way to stop this bleeding of yards. The offense seems to be on pace to continue their improvements but if the defense is not giving them protected leads or time on the field, it really won’t matter.

Serious questions remain on the defensive line where depth is a major issue. If the Dolphins are going to succeed in 2017, they have to be able to stop the run while still putting effective pressure on the opposing teams passing game. It’s a big challenge that I will be watching through camp.