Leonte Carroo talks about his camp in a tough WR competition

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 27: Leonte Carroo /

The Miami Dolphins have a very solid wide-receiver group and the depth is pretty good too. Leonte Carroo could find it hard to get himself noticed.

In 2016 the Miami Dolphins traded a third and fourth round draft pick in 2017 to move up and draft Leonte Carroo in the 3rd round. The team had high expectations for the rookie but Carrroo simply couldn’t make the adjustment to the NFL.

By seasons end Carroo was inactive and Rashawn Scott had leapfrogged him on the depth chart seeing game action while Carroo watched from the side. Entering camp this year many wonder if Carroo is safe due to his draft status and trade compensation. Afterall he cost the team three high draft picks.

Miami has a good selection for young receivers behind the stellar starting group. Drew Morgan has been impressive all off-season, Isaiah Ford has a lot of potential and while Rashawn Scott is injured looks to be in the mix as well again this year.

The Dolphins have some tough decisions to make at receiver and it will interesting to see how Carroo figures into the teams long-term plans and for that matter their short-term plan. He has a lot of talent but if he can’t use that on the field or grow into his NFL role, there isn’t much room for him. He needs to have a good camp this year and get on the field to contribute. He will be given every opportunity to keep his job.

Carroo spoke with the media following today’s training camp practice. Here is the full transcript courtesy of MiamiDolphins.com.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

WR Leonte Carroo

(How did you feel about your day today?) – “It felt pretty good just to go out there and make some plays for my team. I’m just trying to get better. That’s what training camp is for is to get better each and every day and to just go out there and compete.”

(There was a play where there was kind of a hard-fought competition over the middle there and you won the ball. Tell me about how that fits into what you’ve done in your career and what you hope to continue to do.) – “That’s what I’m known for, just having strong hands and competing. ‘Mike T’ (Michael Thomas) and I were battling for the ball and I was just going to come down with it. Like I said, that’s what training camp is for – to go out there and compete against your teammates and have fun.”

(What happened on the touchdown that they said wasn’t a touchdown?) – “(laughter) In my eyes, it was a touchdown. We’ll watch it on film.”

(What are some of the bigger things that you’ve been working on during training camp this year?) – “One, like I’ve said before, just getting my weight down. That’s a big factor for me, to continue to lose more and more weight so I can become a more fluid, faster receiver. Also, just to learn from ‘The Big 3’ (Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills) and learn from what they do every single day, and try to feed off of them and make plays myself so I can make my way into their little group.”

(What is your target weight? What are you trying to get down to?) – “I’m trying to get down to 208 (pounds). Right now I’m like 212. The way my body is set up, it’s kind of hard to lose four pounds every single day, so I’m just trying to get down to a steady 208 and become a better and faster receiver.”

(What weight did you play at last year?) – “Last year I was about 221 (pounds).”

(So you want to be down like 13 pounds this year?) – “Yes.”

(From last year to this year, was last year a disappointment for you not getting as much time and what do you look forward to this year?) – “Yes, I would say it was a disappointment as far as the expectations that I had for myself and that these guys had for me. This year, I’m just looking to go out and make plays (and) make way more plays than I did last year. (I just want to) go out there and do whatever I can for my teammates – special teams, offensively – and just continue to have fun.”

(How much better is it in Year 2 where you’re more comfortable and you know the surroundings and all of that?) – “A lot better. You’re just going out there. You’re not thinking as much. You’re just making plays. Now I just have to focus on my craft instead of worrying about what I have to do.”

(The weight you lost already, have you noticed a difference out here in training camp as opposed to where you were last season?) – “Absolutely. Last year during training camp I couldn’t do two plays without breathing heavy and dying. This year, I’m able to run four, five or six plays without feeling as tired. I just have to go out there and continue to take each day by day and continue to grind.”

(Is this the ideal weight for you for the rest of your career you think?) – “Yes. I don’t want to get anywhere next to 215 (pounds). I want to stay at a steady under 210, between 208 and 212.”