Get your Miami Dolphins Fan-Guide now on sale for .99!


The Miami Dolphins are ready to start their season and you can get ready for it too. As training camp rolls along get ready for the season!

For the first time since 2013 I have published a Miami Dolphins “Fan-Guide” packed full of information! The guide comes in at 558 pages. The digital copy book is available on iTunes and in PDF format  for only .99 cents! 

This guide takes you on a video tour of the Dolphins training center. Has exclusive interviews with Miami Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel, former players Richmond Webb and John Offerdahl, as well as interviews with ESPN’s James Walker and Seth Levit of the Jason Taylor Foundation.

Start with images of Hard Rock Stadium’s upgrades and renovations then meet the Dolphins executives. Our guide will take you week to week through the 2017 season with information on most of the teams provided by other FanSided NFL team editors. Want to know when a game will be broadcast and on what network? We got you covered.

Needing a little Miami Dolphins history? No problem. This guide is full of historical facts and statistics as well as player profiles brought to you by our staff. How about a list of every player that has ever worn a Miami Dolphins uniform in a game?

Still want more? Learn about the Miami Dolphins “Special Teams” charity work, about the Dolphins Cancer Challenge, as well the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. Take a tour of the training facility and watch a segment of the Miami Dolphins entering the field on a Sunday.

Each guide also includes links to more information that will open in your browser giving you access to more information and even other Dolphins fan-sites.

There are two ways to buy the guide and both cost only .99 cents for the entire guide with no restrictions on content.

iTunes: Click the link to the left and enjoy the guide as it was designed to be viewed. Watch the videos directly on your Apple device and click on the images to view in full screen mode. Watch on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad all through the iTunes store.

PDF: Don’t have an Apple device? No worries. This year the guide is produced as a .PDF file that you can download to your computer and then transfer to your device or simply view on your computer! Videos contain links that will open the corresponding Youtube video in your browser. To purchase this file simply click the PDF link or go here. Click the buy-now option. On the 2nd page you can either purchase the guide for .99 or enter your own amount next to the quantity. Selecting more than one copy will allow you to give a copy to your friends, family, or anyone else you so desire!

Thank you for supporting our site and thank you for giving me the drive to bring this guide to all of you!

A special thanks to all of those who helped contribute to the guide as well as those who agreed to be interviewed for it! Thank you.