Dolphins options at QB thin if Tannehill is out


The Miami Dolphins are waiting for word on Ryan Tannehill’s knee. While little is known about degree of injury, it has everyone impatiently waiting.

So far there isn’t much to know and what we do know is thin. Tannehill was scrambling to the sideline when he awkwardly fell and landed on his knee. The same knee he suffered the torn MCL in last season. We know that he walked off the field slowly with no visible limp and headed to the locker room with a team trainer.

We also know that a short time after Tannehill left the field the same trainer returned to the field and spoke with head coach Adam Gase. Gase kept his typical poker face according to Luis Sung of PhinManiacs who is at the practice.

So where does this leave us now? In the dark and for the Dolphins that too may be the case as well. What is going to likely happen next is that an MRI will be done to check the damage from last year to see what is going on now. It would make sense even if this nothing more than a simple knee twist that has everyone scared.

All of that being said there is still a real possibility that this injury is significant. If that is the case the Dolphins must look to the outside for a back-up quarterback. The team would be in Matt Moore’s hands for the foreseeable future. Obviously the first name up would be Colin Kaepernick. He has been in the news all off-season.

Colin Kaepernick:

In his first year in the NFL Kaepernick ticked off the San Francisco fan based when he posted an image of him with a Miami Dolphins hat. Later he alienated himself from the team and more fans when he took a knee but that is not the reason he wouldn’t come to Miami. Stephen Ross supported the players that took a knee for the Dolphins last year. What could kill Kaepernicks chances is the face he praised former Cuban dictator Fiedl Castro after Castro’s death. This only days before the 49’ers visited the Dolphins. Signing Kaepernick could receive a hug backlash from the large Cuban population.

Jay Cutler:

This will likely be the first name that pops up. Cutler has spent time with Adam Gase in Denver and again in Chicago. He knows the Adam Gase system and he knows what Gase expects from his quarterbacks. There would be almost no learning curve for Cutler and he could step in immediately as a back-up to Matt Moore and help Moore acclimate to the starting role.  In addition Cutler would be able to step in to take over for Moore if he can’t hold the job or get’s hurt.

Tony Romo:

Yes Romo announced his retirement but so did Marshawn Lynch and Brett Favre. Miami would not simply be able to call up Romo and say come to Miami but they could work out a small trade with Dallas for his rights if they were allowed to speak with him and he decided to play again. Romo would do good in Miami under Adam Gase but the question is can he stay healthy even if he wanted to come back and play?

Robert Griffin, III:

Not an ideal QB by any means but he has starting experience and could provide depth behind Moore.

Other notables: 
Thad Lewis, Luke McCown, Christian Ponder.

Miami also could wait and see what happens through camps as teams trim their rosters.