Jay Cutler leaning towards staying retired

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The Jay Cutler and Miami Dolphins news has been a roller coaster these past few days. Nothing is official yet, but it appears that Cutler is leaning towards staying retired.

Ever since the news of Ryan Tannehill‘s injury on Thursday, the Miami Dolphins have been linked to various veteran free agent quarterbacks. At the top of that list has been Jay Cutler, who has shown heavy interest in coming out of retirement to play for Adam Gase and the Dolphins.

There had been reports already that Cutler and Miami had already agreed on a one-year deal, but that was never confirmed by anyone within the organization. In fact, it looks like the opposite may be true. Cutler is still considering his options, but it appears that he is leaning towards staying retired. If Cutler does decide to stay retired, he will start his career in broadcasting with FOX Sports as originally planned.

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington was the first to report that Cutler is leaning towards staying retired, but he pointed out that Cutler still has not fully committed to a decision yet.

It makes sense that Cutler is not 100 percent sure of what he wants to do yet. This opportunity all came about very suddenly, and it’s an important decision to make for various reasons. Joining the Dolphins to be with his former coach is more than likely the only way that Cutler would be on a football field this year. Even if another team came knocking at this point, it’s hard to believe that Cutler would be interested. Before the Tannehill news, Cutler was all-in on his new broadcasting career.

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The Dolphins still have some decisions of their own to make in regards to Tannehill. Miami is still waiting to hear back the full extent of the injury, and how they should proceed from there. For that reason, Gase is being very cautious about what he tells Cutler or other veteran free agents. He doesn’t want to give out any false promises.

Where the Dolphins go from here if Tannehill does in fact miss the entire season, and Cutler does indeed decide to stay retired, remains to be seen. Matt Moore would be the evident starter, but the Dolphins would still want to bring in someone to compete for the job.