Miami Dolphins aware that Jarvis Landry has been under investigation

Jarvis Landry pre-game warm-up 2016: image by Brian Miller
Jarvis Landry pre-game warm-up 2016: image by Brian Miller /

The news broke Monday morning that Miami Dolphins star receiver Jarvis Landry has been under investigation since earlier this year.

Andy Slater is the person who broke the news to the sports world.  Apparently Jarvis Landry and the mother of his child were involved in an incident that lead to battery. The information comes from unnamed sources. This is the article he posted this morning on his website Slater Scoops:

"Miami Dolphins’ star wide receiver Jarvis Landry is under investigation for battery.The alleged incident took place in a Fort Lauderdale apartment earlier this year, multiple sources say. It involves Landry’s girlfriend.She has not been cooperating with authorities, sources say.After not deciding to drop the case, the Fort Lauderdale police department forwarded it to the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.No decision is expected this week on possible charges.Landry has an open paternity court case with his girlfriend in Broward.“The parties are involved in what has been a very civil family court case,” her attorney said. “Beyond that, we have nothing to add.”Last weekend, gossip site Fameolous alluded to a possible incident involving Landry and his girlfriend."

This will be another shake up in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room. After a week of injuries to Jay Ajayi, Ted Larsen, and Ryan Tannehill, this doesn’t help the offensive side at all. Jarvis Landry is the key person on the offense, that starts the ignition for the team.

This is now an opportunity for the Miami Dolphins to continue to hold off on extending the contract of Jarvis Landry. This is leverage. At the right time for the team, at the wrong time for Landry. The NFL seems to portray that domestic violence is a serious issue and their tolerance level for it has decreased over the year. So this could cause another riff in the momentum of the Dolphins for the 2017 season.

However, we know fans and sports analysts always react before all the evidence gets presented. According to an account on Twitter, this whole situation is just all a misunderstanding:

Adam Gase stated this morning that the Dolphins are aware of Jarvis Landry’s report on his investigation for battery. We now wait to see what happens.