10 takeaways from Miami Dolphins training camp

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The Miami Dolphins concluded training camp on Tuesday sending their players out of the hotel and back home. Gone are the two-a-day practices but practices still remain.

With camp now over the team begins the real work. Preparation for the 2017 season. Preparation for the rest of pre-season. Preparation for the final 53 man roster cut that will in a single day trim NFL rosters from 90 to 53. The unemployment line will be 1,200 thick.

Injuries have been the talking point of training camp and head coach Adam Gase has even said it was “tough”. For all the injuries though there have been surprises. Some expected and some not. Players have risen and others have fallen. Here is a look at ten things that we can take away from training camp.


The Dolphins started camp with a lot of winded and dehydrated players. And that was before the pads went on. After those first few days the players finally figured out that water is their friend and reports of dehydration issues came to a screeching halt. All the while production on the field didn’t stop and the intensity didn’t decrease. This is a good sign for the start of the season despite the fact that Miami will play only one home game in its first four weeks, well one home game in Miami.

So that one was a throwaway. Here are the real top 10.