10 takeaways from Miami Dolphins training camp

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SEATTLE, WA – SEPTEMBER 11: Wide receiver Jakeem Grant
SEATTLE, WA – SEPTEMBER 11: Wide receiver Jakeem Grant /

Jakeem Grant

Adam Gase reportedly wanted the Dolphins to draft Grant last season and the Dolphins did. It couldn’t have looked good on the rookie head coaches season ending resume when Grant didn’t showcase that world-class speed that was touted. Grant’s 2016 season wasn’t all that impressive.

Now with a full season under his belt and a better understanding of the way the NFL works, Grant seems to have figured some things out about himself. He has had a very solid camp despite fumbles in punt return drills. He has began to expand his play and has shown the potential of a threat at wide-receiver.

Grant will likely make his biggest impact in 2017 on the return teams but what started off as a potential surprise cut now seems to be more or less a surprise resurgence. Grant needed a good camp and he gave the Dolphins one. Now he needs to continue to show that talent in the final three pre-season games.