10 takeaways from Miami Dolphins training camp

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Matt Moore

For all the talk of Moore being able to handle the Dolphins offense under Adam Gase and the many media voices that said Gase believed in Moore, the reality of the situation was far different. Moore is the Dolphins back-up and is not the teams starter.

You have to feel bad for Moore. He was the teams MVP in 2011 then handed over the starting job to then rookie Ryan Tannehill who couldn’t even name the teams in each NFL division. He signed a two-year extension after the 2012 season to remain with the team and opted to sign two one year deals afterwards to remain a back-up.

In 2016 Moore got his chance and while he won the games needed to get Miami to the post-season he didn’t play well enough against the Steelers. That was fine. Moore knew that the team was Tannehill’s but when Tannehill went down with injury, Gase’s belief in Moore went out the door and into Jay Cutler’s lap. How did Moore handle it? With the same brevity of class he has shown his entire NFL career.

Given Jay Cutler’s own injury history and the state of the Dolphins offensive line, Moore may end becoming the starting quarterback by seasons end.