10 takeaways from Miami Dolphins training camp

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Julius Thomas

Whenever a team buys a veteran player who has had some down years it’s risky. The Dolphins traded for Julius Thomas and thus far the results of Thomas in camp have been mixed at best. What is certain is that Dolphins fans are not quite sure what Thomas is going to bring to the season.

Thomas has had some practices that were good and others that looked as though he were still playing for the Jaguars. He has had some nice catches and some nasty drops but the Dolphins don’t seem to worried.

Thomas has not played in a pre-season game just yet and should get time with Jay Cutler on Thursday. When he is zoned in he is a major threat on offense but he also can have a cavalier type attitude and that could be problematic.

Overall Thomas hasn’t disappointed as much as he simply hasn’t impressed. It’s one of those “expected to see more” kind of disappointments.

On the up side, Marqueis Gray has been productive and looked good in pre-season game one.