Miami Dolphins listening to offers for Jarvis Landry?

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 20: Jarvis Landry
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 20: Jarvis Landry /

The Miami Dolphins apparently are listening to offers for wide-receiver Jarvis Landry but how much of the listening is actually being heard?

Miami is in a situation that rarely comes a long. They have a proven Pro-Bowl player who is setting NFL records, is in only his fourth NFL season, but at the same time plays a position that is expendable.

Jarvis Landry is one of the biggest bright spots on the Dolphins offense. A player who ended the Dolphins long string of second round busts. He is a fan favorite, a no-quit all-go player who sets the tone during the season and during the off-season. His commitment to crafting his game and to get better is well documented since his rookie season and yet, he may not be a Miami Dolphin long. This if a report from Michael Lombardi is accurate.

The question here is simple. What does Lombardi know that none of the Dolphins beat writers are reporting? Is this a simple case of speculation? It could be but there could also be a lot of truth to this talk. Landry will be a free agent next season and if the Dolphins do not view him as a likely re-sign they will not get much for him in a trade next year. If anything at all.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald was asked about this on Twitter.

Salguero is one of the few beat writers that are deep with internal knowledge of the Dolphins but he too can be wrong as well. Still if anyone had a clue it might be him.

Keeping him and losing him in free agency might get the Dolphins a 3rd round compensation pick but that too is considered a little low and there is no guarantee Miami will get that value. Add to all of this the fact that Miami has spent money on Kenny Stills and will need to decide on DeVante Parkers future next year, Miami may have too much money put into the receiver corp.

Landry is by far the most recognizable name on the Dolphins offense and his popularity has soared since his rookie season. Off-field issues or at the very least allegations didn’t help his cause with the Dolphins this year. It is not likely going to have a lasting effect on negotiations with Miami should they ever start. Which as of now, they have not.

Many ask how the Dolphins will replace Landry’s production but when stats begin to get examined, only yardage and receptions stand out. Landry is a low touchdown scorer averaging four on the season the last two years.

Miami has been in a similar position before. Wes Welker was a highly regarded slot receiver whom the Dolphins loved but found his value on the market more intriguing. Their mistake was they traded him to the Patriots. Welker became a major staple for the Patriots offense.

Lombardi says “right price” and what that price is no one knows. Mike Tannenbaum knows. Chris Grier knows. No one else knows. It’s a long shot for Landry to be moved this year and it could simply be a matter of the Dolphins trying to gain some degree of negotiating power with his camp but while it’s unlikely it also wouldn’t be a surprise if it happens. Well yeah, it would be.