Landry’s price increases with Hopkins signing

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 20: Jarvis Landry
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 20: Jarvis Landry /

DeAndre Hopkins signed an extension with the Houston Texans for 5 years, $81 million with $49 million guaranteed. This signing increases the market price of a top receiver in the NFL. Jarvis Landry of the Miami Dolphins must be happy to see a player he outperformed last year get such a large contract.

The $81 million total value and $49 million guaranteed money are the highest totals for a receiver ever. Does his signing raise the price to resign Jarvis Landry? Is Landry a top receiver?

Hopkins joins the top-tier of receivers with his contract. The next four receivers in terms of total value of their contracts are Julio Jones with $71.3 million, Dez Bryant with $70 million, Demaryius Thomas with $70 million, and Antonio Brown with $68 million.

Unless Landry has an upcoming season with 110 receptions, 1600 yards, and 10 touchdowns, he does not belong with that group and should not be paid accordingly. However, he can be compared to the next five receivers.

The next five receivers in terms of total value of their contracts are T.Y. Hilton with $65 million, A.J. Green with $60 million, Pierre Garcon with $47.5 million, Doug Baldwin with $46 million, and Keenan Allen with $45 million.

Landry had more than or equal to the receptions of all five of those receivers and more yards than all of the receivers other than Hilton. However, Garcon, Green, Hilton and Baldwin had more touchdowns. Allen tore his ACL in the first game and had zero touchdowns. Green had 4 touchdowns in ten games due to injury.

The two main arguments against Landry getting paid as an elite receiver are he does not score enough touchdowns and he’s a slot receiver. Those arguments can be seen in the statistics when comparing Hopkins and Landry over the last three years.

Landry versus Hopkins

In the past three seasons, Hopkins had 265 receptions, 3685 yards, and 21 touchdowns. Over the same time, Landry had 288 receptions, 3051 yards, and 13 touchdowns. Hopkins is a one-time Pro Bowler, while Landry is a two-time Pro Bowler.

Landry as a slot receiver has more receptions than Hopkins, but has less yards and touchdowns than the outside receiver Hopkins. On the other hand, Landry has more Pro Bowls than Hopkins.

Last year, Landry had the better year with 94 receptions and 1136 yards compared to Hopkins’ 78 receptions and 954 yards. Both players had 4 touchdowns.

Both men have been the leading receivers on their teams and the focus of their respective team’s passing games. Statistically, they are comparable.

Landry is the heart of the team and a fan favorite. When the team has struggled the last few seasons, he has made a play that ignites the team.

The Dolphins have a difficult decision with Landry and it became more expensive and more difficult with the contract of Hopkins. Hopkins received an elite receiver’s contract, will Landry?