Dolphins game likely to see location change not date change

Dolphins helmet - Image by Brian Miller
Dolphins helmet - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins may or may not know when or where they will be playing but it appears more and more likely that they will play on Sunday.

As hurricane Irma churns in the Atlantic as a category five system, South Florida is bracing for a major impact the likes they haven’t seen since 1992’s Andrew. Already the University of Miami has cancelled everything after today. Floridians are being urged to either prepare or get out. The NFL? Well they are still apparently dragging their feet.

The league held a meeting with both the Dolphins and the Buccaneers earlier today but whatever conclusion they have decided on has not been announced. There are few reasons why this seems to indicate another home game loss for Miami.

If this was a simple case of changing the week to the teams bye week, that would have been a very easy decision to make. One that would have been announced. The team is still practicing however so they are not simply getting out of harms way.

It was reported earlier that the Dolphins may be prepping for a move ahead of the storm but an actual quote hasn’t been issued. It’s summation. Jay Cutler spoke about the loss of a bye week and simply said they would make do, in a nutshell.

Moving the game up to a Thursday no longer seems to be an option. Local police announced earlier that they would not be able to provide police for the event because they were moving to 12 hour shifts with the storm coming. If they can’t do Thursday the surely can not do Friday.

In other words, Miami will not play the Buccaneers in Miami this week. Not on any day including Monday.

The size of this storm also takes Tampa Bay out of the equation as serious weather could impact Northern Florida as well. This means that the Dolphins are likely heading out-of-state. The question is to where.

Arizona has become a popular location for chatter as the Cardinals are on the road. So is Atlanta and Carolina. Atlanta is not likely going to give Miami the chance to open their brand new stadium so they are probably out.

With all this talk continuing and no clear word from the league yet, it appears that we will see the Dolphins on Sunday. Just not in Florida.